🌱 Where are the Green Leaders?🌍

We’re at a Point Where the Rise of Environmentally Conscious Leaders Just Feels Right But Where Are They?

Shuvo Shams
3 min readAug 26, 2023
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In the realm of democracy, a fascinating shift is unfolding — one that speaks to our collective yearning for change. It’s clear that the emergence of environmentally conscious leaders is not just desirable, but a natural progression.

📊 The Polling Paradox 🗳️

In surveys, everyday individuals like you and me share a common thread — a deep commitment to nurturing our planet and embracing cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. This united stance should, in turn, lead to collective action and a change in leadership towards it. But why isn’t it happening?

Why are There So Many Conservatives Winning in Elections Everywhere?

It’s a classic tug-of-war between tradition and transformation. Despite this resonating chorus for a greener future, they are absent in polls and from the speeches of the leaders trying to win elections. Fear of the scale of the transformation and the old ways that have worked so far are making us hesitant to embrace change.

🚧 The Wall of Denial 🛡️

We do believe that climate change is life-threatening and we need to shift to a green world now. Emergence of climate denial on a massive scale complicates things. In the face of monumental challenges, we often resort to choosing blindness over acknowledgement of our helplessness.

This desperate search for a voice that can inspire us to overcome monumental challenges drives us. But why do we feel that we will fail?

Wasn’t our democracies built on the very foundation of this belief that it is not only the collective representation of our voices but also our collective will?

We believed that we could overcome monumental challenges together because where one person fails, democracy wins.

We forgot that democracy is not just a collective voice, it is collective hope, collective action.

And with our collective voice, hope and action, WE CAN MAKE THE CHANGE we need today.

💪 Let Truth Have Its Moment 🌟

When does kindness truly hold significance? When does hope shine most brightly? The answer is simple, just like the darkness that shows you the stars at night. It is when we lack pity in this world that we see kindness; when we are hopeless, it is when hope can exist.

In everyday, these virtues may be there, but they are not visible, they do not emerge, because they are not necessary. Only in moments of dire need and uncertainty do they emerge as beacons of strength.

Our current juncture presents us with the unique opportunity for us to take the reins of change. It’s a time when the world’s rhythm feels out of tune, and within this uncertainty, we find ourselves standing on the precipice of possibility. More than ever, we need a surge of positivity, hope, and inspiration.

Connect with the Child Who Wanted to Change the World

If ever there was a moment to rekindle the fire that once burned bright in the heart of that child who dreamt of changing the world, it’s now. If there was a time to transform this world, it is now. We can no longer wait; we must take the reins now. This is the big moment we have been waiting for: reclaim your voice, and change the world.



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