When can we talk about the British monarchy?

Shuvo Shams
2 min readSep 12, 2022
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Have some respect, don't talk about the queen destroying cultures, not now shh! she is dead, and one must respect the dead.

A few days ago it was the 70th day of ascension, god forbid if anyone talked about the monarchy then, and before that, there was a royal wedding? A royal shit-taking…

I wonder when can we talk about the British monarchy. They have not yet sent an official apology to India, Bangladesh to China or Nigeria and many many more. Did you know this is the monarchy that destroyed the global trade to and from the richest and most prosperous and culturally advanced parts of the world and made them colonies where they would oppress, ravage and loot.

Did you know this monarchy caused climate change, did you know this monarchy created wars and killed hundreds of millions?

Of course, you do, they teach those stuff to you at school. I hope they do. But can I talk about it? No, because you always have some stupid British royal family update and we are not supposed to talk about the monarchy.

So I will just go along god save the queen and have mercy on her soul, may she rest in piss I mean peace.



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