We will remain hackable unless we create an equal knowledge-based society.

Shuvo Shams
3 min readNov 18, 2022

Knowledge is supposed to be the great equaliser, yet access to knowledge is not equal. When we combat things like climate change, hate speech or when we are fighting for equal rights. We are immediately met with opposition, the oldies, the skinheads, the conservatives, and the religious extremists. And turns out these people are doing a better job at uniting than we are.

What are they uniting over?

An unlimited source of new information. New lies are more wonderous and come in multitudes than the other kind(truth).

These days false news has more strength than any truth because, first of all, we are so bad at telling truths and because we are not investing enough in uncovering new things in this world. The great years of enlightenment followed a scientific movement. What a world it must have been, waking up to find new secrets of the universe.

But now we are just too lazy, science has lost its legitimacy, and no new Newton will come to this earth anymore because, unlike Newton, we have made science completely inaccessible.

There is a great need to make science accessible on all levels. We must now more than ever show the power of truth and let it shine and have its spotlight in all its multitudes. Or else the darkness of mistruths and fake news will envelop all. It's just a matter of time.

Just recently, a study showed the power of false news. But the findings are not really surprising; it's as old as time. Rumour has wings where truth only walks. We all knew it, but a study on hundreds of thousands of messages on Twitter showed that we are indeed more susceptible to news that is false and we like sharing and interacting with it.

And it offered an explanation because false news is new, it's novel, it's exciting, and we love new developments, new news, so basically, there's a huge fight going on between human ingenuity and creativity. On one side, we can craft messages and false news with our creativity all day long, while the supply of truth is limited.

But that's where I would like to say it's not true that truth is limited; if we seek truth and care for only truth, we would have an endless supply of truths. But we don't see it anymore because we are not finding the truth to bond over. Ultimately if we don't encourage people to be critical, we risk losing forever. And many might say the truth always comes out; well, in my opinion, if you don't look for the truth and dig it out intentionally, it will remain hidden forever. Because, like the supply of false news, human creativity is also endless.

So we must become those who seek the truth.

Truth has many forms, one of my favorite is beauty. If we look for beauty, we will find truth and vice versa. I completely love the quote by Keats; Truth is Beauty and Beauty Truth.

We have an innate capacity to learn the truth.

To be continued…



Shuvo Shams

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