The crisis and its fuel

Shuvo Shams
2 min readFeb 23, 2022


UKRAINE is on everyone’s mind. But China is on another front trying to take over Taiwan and annex Hong-kong in the confusion. Many of the Hongkongers have left their homes and are heading Westward. The UK has issued a special visa as well to support Hongkongers who come inside its borders.

Putin rocks the world and media by claiming focus on how the troops are supporting the separatists. It's projecting its power to show that the alliance between the great two nations will not be subdued or subordinated.

But communications has become a powerful tool these days. The way Putin said he would not invade Ukraine and now he is doing exactly that shows that we are not in the territory of trust in international relations anymore.

Biden has predicted the happenings before and the White House even released a Hit-List. Putting in the press intelligence reports trying to tackle/hurt Putin and Russia as a tit for tat.

We are already at war

It starts with propaganda and agenda-setting and infowar. As Putin mocks the west it has a clear understanding that the west is dependent on China and the economic power of Asia.

And Markets determine everything.

In the 1800 and 1900, the economic drive came from the west, the biggest market being Europe and USA but now everything is catering to the Chinese market because they have the largest middle-class in the world which means they are currently the largest market in the world.

It was predicted that the economic shift will cause a massive power shift and we are seeing history in the making. Even if Russia backs off let's say after annexing the rebel territories, it's the start of a long-term campaign.

I am sure the US and NATO alliance has weapons and considerable military presence in Ukraine too.

And what does this mean for the world? Has the west started fighting itself again? Just like when WWI and WWII?

But the west has plenty to blame, what the European powers wanted to do was use Putin to polarise its voters ahead of the European elections. They even used the same tactics in the last election.

I think the fire was started by Putin but West fuelled it.



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