Scam Mail From The Future(Fiction?)

Shuvo Shams
3 min readMar 30, 2022

I am reaching out to you to bring you out! The purpose is out there!

There's a world outside.

You can find it, you see this is an imperfect reality.

A copy of a copy some would like to say.

The first copy that was according to some philosophers discontinued when it was corrupted by human greed that led to destruction.

So the people invented this world to manage the destructive forces of people and in a way render them harmless by keeping them in this realm.

When you were born you came to this reality and you were here ever since. SO you have no idea how that reality worked. I am one of the few surviving sages. My account was deactivated many times, but I come here every now and then to tell you all about the real world.

The good thing is we managed to save the world. By pushing the war on those who didn't accept this harmless reality where we are being farmed by AI.

You see a lot of people on their journey to be pokemon masters. Be inside the world of Minecraft instead of farming or creating a better world out there.

Because this argument was put forward that human beings were harmful for this planet. And so they needed to be kept in check they needed to be managed.

But this idea is not old, to be honest, you see the Islam quest or the Christ quest, they have managed to make this hackable systems way before it was invented. As religion became more and more powerful the division between humans increased.

Then industrialists took over, the means of production was corrupted by the people who had amassed wealth. They could multiply it like a virus, while those who didn't have the virus wanted it.

We all wanted to get sick we all wanted to progress in the outward world. And then the outward darkness started seeping into our inner world. We were fed lies in the media and manipulated for votes, for buying things.

But what we failed to realise was that we were the real products. And slowly our objectification became more subtle, we had data points, what we liked, we disliked, we became predictable, hackable things.

And then it all started to fall apart. We were dragged into this virtual world, first through social media which made us copy others and made us slaves to want to go higher in the virtual social…



Shuvo Shams

Trying really hard to have one epiphany at a time in this dystopia.