Minister Suella Braverman Skirts Consequences Again as Election Distraction Machine Swings into Action

Shuvo Shams
2 min readMay 26

In the midst of yet another Ministerial Code breach, Suella Braverman remains unscathed, adding to the growing list of instances where accountability seems elusive. However, she is merely a pawn in the grand distraction machine that gears up prior to elections, a pattern we’ve witnessed before and are likely to witness again. The pressing question remains: why is this political beast targeting asylum seekers and migrants?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Blaming an easy target allows one to claim victory in the blame game. This tactic thrives when the targeted group lacks the means to defend themselves, and their demonization captures the popular imagination. Words like “invasion,” “swarm,” and others evoke biblical imagery of destruction, making it all too easy to captivate public attention through dehumanization.

But how does this strategy translate into electoral success? Allow me to explain. In the current climate of economic crisis, where rising inflation coupled with profit-driven companies have left people unable to afford basic necessities like food and heating, discontent and frustration have reached boiling point. This country is fed up, and everyone I know is struggling. Personally, I faced the heart-wrenching choice between buying expensive baby formula or settling for a cheaper alternative, only to find it insufficient to adequately nourish my child. The exorbitant prices of essential items have soared beyond reach far too quickly.

Thus, we encounter the crux of the problem: the distraction. In the absence of any genuine national threats, the government has settled upon an easy target that ticks all the boxes: capturing the popular imagination while victimizing those who cannot fight back. This is the very foundation upon which Brexit was fueled, and the Tories are poised to exploit it once again during this election. Who knows, perhaps they will even blame the imminent record-breaking heatwave on migrants too? They will surely find a dubious connection somewhere.

Shuvo Shams

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