I break down easy

Shuvo Shams
2 min readNov 18, 2023

I break easy mama

I break down

And I ache

And I drown

I break down

In this shit town mama

I bleed brown

I sleep in the cupboards mama

I sleep in the street and tents

In the rain I pay the rents

I break like Jesus breaks his bread

I break down,

My sweet love

My sweet love

Wake up

It’s a dream

Drink this love

Drink it till you’re warm

Drink it till you forget your pain

I know you said your prayer

I know you did your part

I know you lived and loved

I know it was art

But mama I need your body mama

I need your warmth

I cannot take this love mama

It’s too much for me

Too much to drink mama

Too much to see mama

The blood on the streets mama

Am out of breath mama

I am out of love mama

I am bleeding dry

Listen my little duck

The world turns every day

There’s love to be found

In the dreams you dream

In the fields that are green

You will find love my child

You will live free and wild

But the world is red mama

It’s burning red again

The fire meant for warmth is burning my skin

The world adrift a wooden boat Noah bought

Is still to find the land mama

Listen my little dove

You are burning fever

You don’t need to worry or fret

The world you feel it feel it under your toes Take one deep breathe and slowly blow air on the wound

There’s one long chilly blow that you need with each step and one small world to go



Shuvo Shams

Trying really hard to have one epiphany at a time in this dystopia.