I am glad we are going after the billionaires

Billionaires need to pay, it's as simple as that. The amount of money they have is insane. Inequality is a major and perhaps the most important reason climate change is happening, inequality is why people go hungry every day by the millions, inequality is why some children are stunted and fragile, inequality is why the global GDP is much much lower than it can be.

We must fight billionaires, right now the west is going after Russian oligarchs. I love it, I feel that regulations should be the norm for people who have more than they need. Sounds communist?

Well I hope not. When we are talking about Ellon Musk or Bill Clinton we see them in a different light than the other billionaires who might have made money from profiting from dirty energy or by selling arms. But billionaires should not exist in the first place, it places immense power at the hand of one or few. And POWER always CORRUPTS.

Why are we cheering on a world envisioned by the rich? Why do we think going to mars on a dick-shaped rocket by Jeff Bezos is much more important than feeding the hungry?

We already seeing the end of capitalism as it is, the world is at the twilight of capitalism and we need to accept that and go after the rich more and more. We need to take their wealth and make welfare funds for nations so projects like poverty alleviation, hunger reduction, fighting climate change, global health can be priorities.

Who gave the billionaires the right to give us the list of priorities in the world? Just because they have money they get to decide what we should prioritize, just because Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates billions of dollars into what they deem to be good projects we get to take their words for it instead of sociologists, philosophers, and scientists? What kind of world are we building?

Unless we fight inequality we cannot save our planet, and it is time we go after all the billionaires and make them all pay.



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Shuvo Shams

Shuvo Shams

Trying really hard to have only one epiphany at a time in this dystopia