How to make your next travel to London without breaking the bank

Shuvo Shams
1 min readOct 8, 2022

Here are some London hacks if you want to travel cheaply.

  1. Take bus no 24 instead of the tour bus, which takes you to the same route but just costs twenty times less
  2. Go to somewhere central like Piccadilly Circus and walk from there, everywhere is pretty close to there, Buckingham Palace, Museums everything.
  3. Get a Pret Subscription for all your drinks for 25 pounds, Pret is almost near all stations and shopping centres and with that subscription, you get 8 drinks per day for a month. Drinks mean coffee and smoothies etc.
  4. But sushi at half price from 8.30 at ITSU if you want to eat a cheap dinner. And all the food there is basically halal so for those that this matters
  5. Take the Picadilly or Elizabeth line to get to and from Heathrow

Thank me later ;)



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