Erotica, Feminism and The Old Empire

Shuvo Shams
3 min readJan 4

Erotica is a genre of literature and art that deals with sexual themes and is intended to arouse the reader or viewer. Feminism is a social, political, and ideological movement that seeks to advance the rights and status of women. Imperialism, the extension of a nation’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means, has had a significant impact on both erotica and feminism, and the relationship between the two.

One way in which imperialism has affected erotica is through the portrayal of power dynamics. During colonialism, European powers often depicted the people and cultures of the colonized regions as exotic and sexually adventurous while portraying themselves as the civilized and dominant force. This led to the objectification and fetishization of people in colonized regions, as well as the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. For example, during the colonial period in Africa, European explorers often wrote about the sexual practices of the people they encountered in a way that exoticized and fetishized them, while portraying themselves as the enlightened and superior force.

Another way imperialism has impacted erotica is through the spread of Western ideologies and standards of beauty. As Western culture has become more influential globally, there has been a shift towards the depiction of a narrow standard of beauty in erotica, which often reflects the values and preferences of the colonizing powers. This can lead to the exclusion and devaluation of different body types and cultural beauty standards. For example, in many parts of the world, there is a preference for thin, toned bodies in erotica, which reflects Western beauty standards rather than the diversity of body types found globally.

Additionally, imperialism has impacted the distribution and accessibility of erotica. During colonialism, European powers often imposed their own cultural values and morals on the colonized regions, including restrictions on the production and dissemination of sexually explicit material. This has led to a lack of representation and diversity within the erotica industry, and has made it difficult for people in colonized regions to access and create their own sexually explicit material. For example, in many countries with a history of colonialism, there are strict laws governing the production and distribution of sexually explicit material, which can make it difficult for people in those countries to access or create their own erotica.

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