Can we fight fire with fire?

Shuvo Shams
2 min readMar 16
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

The rise of disinformation and hate speech is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This can be seen in the atrocities committed by the Myanmar army, where hate speech was used to fuel the fight against minorities. Unfortunately, such hate speech is not limited to far-off lands, as we can see with the rise of attacks against immigrants and the assault on Muslims by hate criminals. These events are all fueled by hate speech.

But there is hope, and we can fight back. Disinformation and targeted ads have been used to spread lies among polar groups about their polar opposites. However, we can control and stop this if we get ahead of it. One way is to use tools like CHAT GPT to spread accurate information and counter the spread of hate speech.

To accomplish this, we can easily create a bot that scrapes the internet for information related to certain hate speeches. This is a technique that advertisers already use. For instance, if we program a bot to scrape public posts on Twitter and Facebook during an unfolding crisis, we can easily see who is saying what. With CHAT GPT, we can tell the bot to find what appears to be hate speech and stop it in its tracks.

This approach can help social media companies tackle the biggest problem they face today. They don’t need to hire thousands of people to monitor hate speech, they can employ a small team of people who are trained to use the right tools to stop the spread of misinformation. By doing so, we can ensure that hate speech doesn’t fuel atrocities and violence in our societies.

Shuvo Shams

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