Brown Noise, Pink Noise and White Noise

Shuvo Shams
2 min readJul 14, 2022
Photo by Ben Guerin on Unsplash

In your thirties, you are completely on your own. And then you have the mountain of responsibility on your shoulders. I for one am struggling to finish my master's and also taking care of a pregnant wife while working twenty hours. So I need my hour of solitude, but not really an hour of solitude without solace. For that solace, I seem to be using music a lot. Instrumentals, blues guitar, panflute, and then I came to be drawn to the sounds of nature. I like the sound of raindrops against the window, or waves crashing against the shore and a powerful waterfall falling. These things help me get through life. And then I found something called brown noise which is like the sound distilled from all these things.

Examples of brown noise include:

  • low roaring.
  • strong waterfalls.
  • thunder.

etc etc etc

Examples of Pink Noise in Nature:

  • Heartbeats.
  • Steady rain.
  • Wind blowing through trees.
  • Rustling leaves.
  • Ocean waves hitting the beach.

etc etc etc

White noise examples include:

  • whirring fan.
  • radio or television static.
  • hissing radiator.
  • humming air conditioner.

Some people enjoy these sounds like I do because they calm them down. And for some connecting to nature. Because we need to drown out the madness of reality sometimes.

Surviving is a even keel thing. An even keel is what we need in this world of anxiety, depression and the reality of constant attention-grabbing and attention needing. I like the sound of the waterfall, the roaring sea and the beautiful strong wind against trees. Things that calm me down. These things give me the pace of reality and the repetition of sanity that I crave.

Take care of yourselves and your mental state, and listen to a few of your favourite sounds, perhaps they will comfort you, perhaps it will remind you of your childhood or a good memory, or perhaps it will just help you drown out the insanity.

Shuvo Shams

Trying really hard to have one epiphany at a time in this dystopia.